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3D Printing at The Other Art Fair

Can CAD software be considered a canvas?  Can powdered nylon be considered paint?  Can a laser be considered a paintbrush?

We at Modla like to think so and have had the privilege to showcase some of our 3D printed artwork at The Other Art Fair in Brick Lane, London.  We had on display a 3D printed collaboration with Dan Hillier, an SLS nylon version of his Nothing Matters screen print.  We also collaborated with James Hopkins on the Audi D8 to R8 3D Print.

Our ‘Beer Today, Gone Tomorrow’ flying beer bottles were suspended from the rafters and a selection of letters from the Arkitypo project were on display.

3D printing is commonly used within the engineering and product industry for creating prototypes and moulds, however this format of creation is increasingly being used within the art and fashion world.  We wanted to see what we could achieve by taking our engineering, product and architectural backgrounds and applying our 3D CAD software and 3D printing skills to an artistic medium.

What do you think, can 3D printing be considered art?  Leave your comments and opinions below.


Me, holding the Modla, James Hopkins collaboration Audi 3D print.


Nothing Matters – Modla, Dan Hillier collaboration.


I very much enjoyed talking with people about 3D printing and the possibilities of such technology.


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Love Knux 3D Print

Another addition to my ‘Knux’ 3D prints.  This ‘Love Knux’ print was designed for a friend.

Printed using an Ultimaker desktop printer, with a single PLA extrusion.  I was very impressed that a print like this could be achieved without using any support structures.  Post print, I gave any rough edges a light sanding.  You can see my ‘Birthday Knux’ print here.


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Birthday Knux 3D Print

The concept behind the Birthday Knux 3D Print (other than as a birthday present) was to remove any aggression from an otherwise violent and destructive tool and place more of a “party” emphasis on a possible fashion accessory.

3D printed using a Stratasys UPrint FDM printer, the Birthday Knux is printed by extruding heated material layer upon layer until the object is fully printed.

If you would like a custom Knux designed and printed please feel free to contact me via email which can be found on my contact page.


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Dia de Los Muertos

This laser engraved piece is inspired by the Mexican holiday “Dia de Los Muertos” in which family members gather to pray for and remember family and friends who have passed away.

This piece originated from an ink drawing I worked on two years ago.  I wanted to experiment by introducing the drawing to different mediums, in this case laser engraving a piece of wood.  The engraved piece of wood is much smaller than the original and due to constraints of laser etching, a lot of detail was lost.  However, I love the way in which the wood grain compliments the fluidity and movement of the hair.

IMG_7272-1IMG_7284-2IMG_7286-3IMG_7289-1 IMG_7290-2

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Speaker Trim & Grill Prototype

The following is the process behind making my speaker trim and grill.


Before 3D printing I had to re-thread the material through the printer head, ensuring a secure bite.


After removing the base material I sanded down the faces, coated the trim in Polyfilla, rough sanded, coated in Pollyfilla again and then sanded to a smooth finish with a fine grade of wet and dry paper.


I applied two coats of primer and then two coats of silver spray paint.


I used the bottom of a soup pot and a pair of women’s elastic leggings to create the speaker grill.  I secured the leggings into place using a cable tie and removed the excess material.  I secured the grill with a little super-glue and a glue-gun.


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Prototyping My Radio Design

A brief photo-snap of the blue foam prototyping process.  The scale of the blue foam model is 1:1. From the blue foam model I realised that when using the knobs, my fingers were coming into contact with the other knob and the chamfered radio face trim on the right hand side.  I needed to increase the height and width of my design by 5mm and decrease depth/outer lip by 5mm.  Subsequently the distance between the knobs/buttons would increase by 5mm, allowing for more room for the user to grip the knobs.


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