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(D.I.A) Kenny Dennis

I don’t even know where to begin with trying to explain what the world of Kenny Dennis is all about..?  I guess the best way to do it is to keep it simple and let the albums do the explaining.  I wont go into the history of Dennis because there are plenty of album reviews out there that will do a much better job of explaining it.

My introduction to the rapper KDz came in the form of these two videos, Lazer Tag and Don’t Blame Steve, check ’em out.  For me that was enough, hook, line and sinker, I had to find out what this dude was about!

Kenny Dennis is a flawed, comical and loveable character that evolves over three storyline-based studio albums, Kenny Dennis Ep, Kenny Dennis LP and Kenny Dennis III.  Produced by Odd Nosdam and Jel, the albums feature some of the most original sounding hip-hop, pulling in influences from various genres.  These albums are multi-layered and with each listen you find out something new about Kenny Dennis and his close friends, family and foes.  What at first appears to be light-hearted rap soon turns into a deep and complex narrative, and yet it never feels forced, the lore of Dennis’ existence builds as connections are made between tracks and albums.

There’s so much to say about these albums, but rather than have both of us struggle, me writing and you reading, check out the album links, show your support and buy the albums if you dig it.  Between my brother and I we own all three albums on vinyl and they get a heavy rotation on the decks.  KDz is the man and I would party with him!

I couldn’t find a decent version of of the EP on YouTube so I’ve posted the playlist for the LP and Kenny Dennis III.

Let me know what you think, are there other artists out there that you think fans of KD would like?  Get in touch, let us know!  Thanks for checking out my Desert Island Albums list, you’re awesome!

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