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Dirty, Gritty, Garage Rock. Just How We Like It!

WATCH HERE!!!  The Dead Tapes – Where Did She Go. No direct video unfortunately 😦  Sad face

I stumbled across The Dead Tapes while watching my favourite guilty pleasure of win/fail videos on YouTube.  Their backyard performance has been removed from YouTube and I’m not sure why, maybe a future release..?  But I just wanted to share this video as these guys really capture the spirit of bluesy-rock music.  Their sound is heavily inspired by the White Stripes and classic Blues/Rock guitarists.  I love the fact that it’s not polished, it’s unrefined and that the two band members are just doing their part for garage rock.  I mean… His guitar strap is a piece of red string, yes my friend, that is very rock and roll!

Send some internet traffic love their way and check The Dead Tapes out on YouTube.

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Desert Island Albums

So this is something I like to think about and discuss with friends who are into music; if you were stranded on an island and all you had was a record player, CD player, iPod (whatever format you prefer) what albums would you want with you?

And I mean albums.  Not singles, or mix tapes.  Just albums and EP’s that you listen to cover to cover.

Throughout the year I will post some of my desert island album selections and I would love to hear some of your desert island album choices.  A sort of musical exchange.  Let me know what they are, why you would include them and anything else you think about the album.

So in no particular order, some of my desert island albums…  COMING SOON!

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