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Birthday Knux 3D Print

The concept behind the Birthday Knux 3D Print (other than as a birthday present) was to remove any aggression from an otherwise violent and destructive tool and place more of a “party” emphasis on a possible fashion accessory.

3D printed using a Stratasys UPrint FDM printer, the Birthday Knux is printed by extruding heated material layer upon layer until the object is fully printed.

If you would like a custom Knux designed and printed please feel free to contact me via email which can be found on my contact page.


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Dia de Los Muertos

This laser engraved piece is inspired by the Mexican holiday “Dia de Los Muertos” in which family members gather to pray for and remember family and friends who have passed away.

This piece originated from an ink drawing I worked on two years ago.  I wanted to experiment by introducing the drawing to different mediums, in this case laser engraving a piece of wood.  The engraved piece of wood is much smaller than the original and due to constraints of laser etching, a lot of detail was lost.  However, I love the way in which the wood grain compliments the fluidity and movement of the hair.

IMG_7272-1IMG_7284-2IMG_7286-3IMG_7289-1 IMG_7290-2

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