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Speaker Trim & Grill Prototype

The following is the process behind making my speaker trim and grill.


Before 3D printing I had to re-thread the material through the printer head, ensuring a secure bite.


After removing the base material I sanded down the faces, coated the trim in Polyfilla, rough sanded, coated in Pollyfilla again and then sanded to a smooth finish with a fine grade of wet and dry paper.


I applied two coats of primer and then two coats of silver spray paint.


I used the bottom of a soup pot and a pair of women’s elastic leggings to create the speaker grill.  I secured the leggings into place using a cable tie and removed the excess material.  I secured the grill with a little super-glue and a glue-gun.


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The Thames through a 3D printer

The Thames through a 3D printer

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