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(D.I.A) Kenny Dennis

I don’t even know where to begin with trying to explain what the world of Kenny Dennis is all about..?  I guess the best way to do it is to keep it simple and let the albums do the explaining.  I wont go into the history of Dennis because there are plenty of album reviews out there that will do a much better job of explaining it.

My introduction to the rapper KDz came in the form of these two videos, Lazer Tag and Don’t Blame Steve, check ’em out.  For me that was enough, hook, line and sinker, I had to find out what this dude was about!

Kenny Dennis is a flawed, comical and loveable character that evolves over three storyline-based studio albums, Kenny Dennis Ep, Kenny Dennis LP and Kenny Dennis III.  Produced by Odd Nosdam and Jel, the albums feature some of the most original sounding hip-hop, pulling in influences from various genres.  These albums are multi-layered and with each listen you find out something new about Kenny Dennis and his close friends, family and foes.  What at first appears to be light-hearted rap soon turns into a deep and complex narrative, and yet it never feels forced, the lore of Dennis’ existence builds as connections are made between tracks and albums.

There’s so much to say about these albums, but rather than have both of us struggle, me writing and you reading, check out the album links, show your support and buy the albums if you dig it.  Between my brother and I we own all three albums on vinyl and they get a heavy rotation on the decks.  KDz is the man and I would party with him!

I couldn’t find a decent version of of the EP on YouTube so I’ve posted the playlist for the LP and Kenny Dennis III.

Let me know what you think, are there other artists out there that you think fans of KD would like?  Get in touch, let us know!  Thanks for checking out my Desert Island Albums list, you’re awesome!

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(D.I.A) Dreadzone – Second Light

Taking it back to 1995 for this Desert Island Album entry with Second Light by Dreadzone.  This album combines country walks with hazy afternoons at the coast, string instruments, vocal samples and electronic composure that all feels very rooted in English heritage and culture.   A lovely blend of heavy dub baselines and 90’s breakbeat capturing the energy and euphoric sound of party culture in its prime.  I’m all too gutted that I missed out on the 90’s rave era; a time in which dance music was fresh, alive and minus the selfie culture that packs the dance floors today.

This album still stands up 20 years on, if you haven’t heard it yet I would urge you to check out it out!

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This music video is cool as sh*t!  The subtle visual changes seem very powerful in conjunction with the music.  Or maybe that’s just because I think this track is SLAMMIN’ and the audio/visual compatibility appeals to my 80’s carefree childhood.

Djedjotronic‘s devastating Techno track is complemented by the awesome 80’s VHS inspired music video from director Daniel Swan.  Nice one!

Guitar Strings Up Close

Props to Logan Gendizzle for this awesome vine.

(D.I.A.) Fuzz – Self Titled

So as mentioned I’d like to start a discussion, a place to share our thoughts on yours and my own favourite albums of any genre, of any era.  As mentioned in the Desert Island Albums (D.I.A. from now on) intro post, they must be albums or EPs, no singles or compilations.

First up but in no particular order we have Fuzz’s self titled debut LP.

What can I say?!  This album completely kicks ass!  I’ve been playing it over and over for quite some time now and never once have I thought “nah, not feeling this today.”

I’m a fan of Ty Segall who’s on drums and vocals for this LP, but I’m an even bigger fan of his raging animal side project that is Fuzz.  Check it out on the link above, then go and buy this on vinyl, play it on 11 and school your neighbours on how to rock the **** out!

Ty Segall – Drums, Vocals
Charles Mootheart – Guitar, Vocals (on “Raise”)
Roland Cosio – Bass, Vocals (in “What’s In My Head?”)

Dirty, Gritty, Garage Rock. Just How We Like It!

WATCH HERE!!!  The Dead Tapes – Where Did She Go. No direct video unfortunately 😦  Sad face

I stumbled across The Dead Tapes while watching my favourite guilty pleasure of win/fail videos on YouTube.  Their backyard performance has been removed from YouTube and I’m not sure why, maybe a future release..?  But I just wanted to share this video as these guys really capture the spirit of bluesy-rock music.  Their sound is heavily inspired by the White Stripes and classic Blues/Rock guitarists.  I love the fact that it’s not polished, it’s unrefined and that the two band members are just doing their part for garage rock.  I mean… His guitar strap is a piece of red string, yes my friend, that is very rock and roll!

Send some internet traffic love their way and check The Dead Tapes out on YouTube.

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Desert Island Albums

So this is something I like to think about and discuss with friends who are into music; if you were stranded on an island and all you had was a record player, CD player, iPod (whatever format you prefer) what albums would you want with you?

And I mean albums.  Not singles, or mix tapes.  Just albums and EP’s that you listen to cover to cover.

Throughout the year I will post some of my desert island album selections and I would love to hear some of your desert island album choices.  A sort of musical exchange.  Let me know what they are, why you would include them and anything else you think about the album.

So in no particular order, some of my desert island albums…  COMING SOON!

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